Final Check Reports

Evaluate any influencer's audience and engagement comprehensively

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*Pods are a circle of influencers who who team up to like and comment each other's posts

The cost of influencer campaigns is rising. Illegitimate influencers are taking advantage by inflating their engagement and follower count, tricking brands into working with them.

Brands without comprehensive data & insights lose money by working with the wrong influencers.

They work with influencers who:

  • Have too many followers of the wrong gender
  • Have too many followers outside of the brand's target ages and locations
  • Have artificially inflated or outright fake engagement
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Make better pricing decisions

  • Avoid wasting money on illegitimate influencers
  • Identify the influencers more likely to result in a successful campaign
  • Negotiate prices accurately
  • Increase ROI on your influencer budget

Final Check reports examine everyone that liked or commented on an influencer's last 30 photos. This would normally take an intern 2 weeks, 12 hours, and 43 minutes to evaluate a single influencer.

What you get

5 Deep Insight Reports on any influencer’s audience. This includes gender ratio, locations, age ranges, fake enagement, and more


5 Deep Insight Reports ($5 per additional report afterward)

"MightyScout saves us dozens of hours a week by replacing a tedious part of our Instagram marketing strategy: analyzing which influencers we should work with."

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